A new generation of illuminated letters!

Small illuminated acryl glass letters with slender silhouettes are now possible with typoLITE. They are an interesting solution wherever the ordinary dimensional letters are too large or where the illumination is too muted to achieve the desired effect. Our new product line has distinguished itself by a luminous intensity up to 3000cd/m2 – a value which could not be realized before – longevity and, at the same time, by an elegant appearance and a high degree of efficiency. Challenges for the future are brilliance, longevity and reversibility. We have already risen to these challenges today.

typoLITE® (LED sealed in)

typoLITE® F

typoLITE® FS

typoLITE® FB

typoLITE® S

typoLITE® B

typoLITE® L

typoLITE® LEon

typoLED® (LED reversible)